Using Sphider with MariaDB in place of MySQL

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Using Sphider with MariaDB in place of MySQL

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MariaDB is a fork of MySQL and is gaining popularity. Both the vanilla and PDO versions of Sphider should work seamlessly with MariaDB except as noted.

Until MariaDB 10.2, XtraDB was the default engine in place of InnoDB. In 10.2, InnoDB became the default. Sphider installation specifies InnoDB. If you have MariaDB 10.2, no change is required.

If you are using MariaDB 5.5 or later up to MariaDB 10.1, you have two choices. The first is to enable InnoDB by adding this block to your my.cnf file:
# The following should not be needed if you are using a mariadb package:

The second is to edit the install.php and update_rollup.php files and replace all instances of InnoDB with XtraDB.

The second scenario is appropriate for MariaDB 5.3 and earlier.
The above information was gleaned from the knowledge base at
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