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Sphider 3-MB (multi-byte) fork

Posted: Sat Apr 20, 2019 1:39 am
by captquirk
The regular edition of Sphider (currently at 2.4.0) will continue to be maintained with periodic improvements. The 2.4.x series is being ported to a new fork, Sphider 3-MB.

Sphider 3-MB will replace all standard string operations with multi-byte string (mbstring) operations. This will ensure proper handling of multi-byte unicode characters. The fork is necessary because not all PHP installations have the mbstring extension installed!

Sphider 3-MB does have certain operational requirements.
1. MySQL server (SERVER, not client) must be AT LEAST 5.5.3, with 5.6 or greater recommended. A MariaDB equivalent is okay.
2. PHP must be AT MINIMUM 5.4. PHP 7+ is recommended.
3. The MySQLnd module MUST BE installed and usable.
4. The mbstring extension MUST be installed and usable.

Sphider 3-MB will be available approximately May 1, give or take a couple days.