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Sphider 5.0.0 and SphiderLite 2.2.1 released. New feature - link reports.

Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2022 5:04 am
by captquirk
While there were no bug fixes in the latest releases, the ability of Sphider to determine page encoding has been enhanced. More remediation of deprecated code has been accomplished. (Fix 'em as we find 'em!)
Sphider 5.0.0 also has improved image identification when indexing images.

And Sphider 5.0.0 now has the ability to report on all indexible links on each page.
This ability will be turned off if indexing is by sitemap. The reason is that when sitemaps are used, there is no need to find linked pages, so the information is not available. If a sitemap turns out to be invalid and normal indexing takes place, there still will be no link report as that feature will have bewen turned off before we know the sitemap is invalid. A full index will result in the most complete link report. A re-index run will still generate a report, but the report will only contain changed or new pages. Pages which remain unchanged will not be scanned.