Can't INDEX my website - Sphider 1.4.2

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Can't INDEX my website - Sphider 1.4.2

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First of all, I want to THANK the creator of Sphider Search Engine. I have been using this search engine for a very long time on our website. Lately, a question has been asked that if this sphider search engine can do IMAGE SEARCH also. So, I went online and researched and found out that sphider search engine has been UPDATED and/or UPGRADED to include IMAGE SEARCH.

So, today I downloaded sphider 1.4.2 version and the other version I am afraid won't run on our in-house server. Then, I installed it as described in the INSTALL.txt file.

After all the steps were completed successfully, I tried to INDEX our website. Unfortunately, it won't index at all. In fact, at the click of the Start Indexing button, the browser goes to /sphider-1.4.2/admin/sphider.php and basically does NOTHING. I can't figure out why. I made sure the files permissions were set. My php version is 7.0. My webserver is ClearOS - Linux.

Then, I decided to start the indexing through terminal, but it also gave me an issue. It displayed the following error.
PHP Fatal error: Cannot 'break' 2 levels in /var/www/html/sphider-1.4.2/admin/spiderfuncs.php on line 736

Hopefully, someone can help me soon or I will have to revert back to 1.3.5 sphider version which does work by the way.

So, what am I doing wrong? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in Advance.
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Re: Can't INDEX my website - Sphider 1.4.2

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Your latest issue is an easy fix.
Edit the file spiderfuncs.php. On line 736, change
break 2;

!.4.2 was one of the earlier attempts at upgrading Sphider and obviously didn't catch everything.

Also note that 1.4.2 does not index images. That didn't happen until version 2.

As to your original issue, I would like to know more specifics of your PHP.
Create and run a script like this:

Code: Select all

This may produce a long page, but if you could then print the results to a pdf file and email it to captq (at), I'd know better what we are dealing with and better able to advise.
If pdf is impossible, then perhaps a progressive series of screen shots would work also.
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