Indexing MP3 files

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Indexing MP3 files

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Sphider does not have the ability to index mp3 (or wav or ogg) files. At one time, way back, there was a mod for the original Sphider to index mp3's. Whatever happened to that mod is anyone's guess.

Anyway, I started to play around with a test script, based on Sphider's image indexing, to see if audio files could be indexed just as image files are. The results show this is VERY feasible! Really isn't that difficult. The only difficult part would be integrating it all into the current Sphider. The would mean a LOT of changes.

Work on Sphider 2.3, which I anticipate for maybe February 2019, will incorporate improvements based primarily around improved mobile access, and include code changes eliminating the need for html tables, expanded user agent string, control panel separating normal site and RSS feed administration, and more control of the search options.

But, if there is sufficient interest in audio indexing, Sphider 2.3 will be scrapped in favor of a Sphider 3, which would combine the plans for 2.3 with the addition of audio indexing and search capabilities. This would span both the classic edition of Sphider and the PDO edition. The PostgreSQL and SQLite editions would remain frozen at 2.1.

If there seems to be little interest, 2.3 will arrive as planned. PostgreSQL and SQLite were examples of what COULD be done, but for a tiny niche market, more trouble keeping updated than they are worth. Audio indexing and search may be a niche market also, what with YouTube offering what it does.

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